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Up until now it appears you are better off to invest in Unusual Gunner/Assassin souls if you’d like a great 3*

Falls off prominent Souls. We tracked on the 1000 off my Well-known Souls ( and there’s regarding a beneficial 5% chance you earn a step 3* reputation, and you can a good several.5-15% options it is a 1*. Warrior step three*: Cost The fresh Hills Eddie, Wickerdog King, Cultist Warden, Wilderness Warrior, Harpy, Possessed Rockets, Undead Axis Gunner, Devil Puppy, Soulless Devil, Golden Son, Corrupt Droid, Demon Spawn, Trickster Warrior dos*: Wolf Cultist, Wickerdog out-of Day, Deep red Hourglass, Possessed Mine, Undead Allied Soldier, Hell Dice, Imp Warrior 1*: Corrupt Ox Spirit, Pharaoh Sunshine Soul, Had Rifle, Meathead, Voidling Sentinel step 3*: Mommy Eddie, Corrupt Ox Cultist, Rock Golem, Desert Guardian, Allied Soldier, Undead Allied Soldier, Puppy out-of Battle, Infant from Light, Undead Rescuer, Devil Spawn, Helicopter Sentinel dos*: Cultist Cleric*, Pharaoh Mud Spirit, Sandworm, Undead Protector, Heck Dice Sentinel step 1*: Corrupt Ox Heart, Hourglass, Meathead Magus 3*: Rate out-of Light Eddie, Corrupt Owl Cultist, Wickerdog Queen, Disguised Harpy, Allied Soldier, Axis Soldier, Newborn out-of Light, Devil Spawn, Trickster Magus 2*: Owl Cultist, Wickerdog from Night, Ebony Hourglass, Owned Mine, Possessed Rockets, Heck Dice Magus step one*: Corrupt Ox Heart, Pharaoh Liquid Spirit, Sandworm, Meathead Drops of Gunner/Assassin Unusual Souls. Up to a beneficial ten% chance ( of getting a four to five* profile Gunner 5*: Cyborg Eddie, Aces High Eddie, Hallowed Eddie, The new Prisoner Gunner cuatro*: Tailgunner Eddie, Navigator Eddie, Wilderness ned, Fantastic Young buck, Corrupt Rescuer, Eda Valkyrie Knight, Hellraiser, Mayan Priestess, Chopper Gunner step 3*: Wasteland Golem, Allied Bomber Boy, Gunner Puppy, Had Rockets, Undead Allied Soldier, Infant of Light, Corrupt Droid, Devil Spawn Assassin 5*: Rainmaker Eddie, Vampire Huntsman Eddie, Child of Damned Assassin 4*: Corrupt Harpy, Artillery Canine, Pyro Soldier, Passing Dog, Troll, Infant of White, Contaminated Ox Cultist, Corrupt Rescuer, Astra Valkyrie Slayer, Mayan Priestess Assassin step 3*: Violent storm Eddie, Consuming Mom Dog, Desert Rider, Axis Bomber Boy, Axis Soldier, Undead Axis Gunner, Soulless Devil, Wonderful Son, Wicker Golem, Undead Rescuer, Corrupt Droid, Demon Spawn

Drops out-of Gunner/Assassin Souls

Usually drops a two* reputation. Gunner step three*: Desert Golem, Allied Bomber Boy, Gunner Dog, Possessed Rockets, Undead Allied Soldier, Infant from White, Corrupt Droid, Demon Spawn Gunner 2*: Sandworm, Undead Hunter, Had Mine, Chattering Skulls Gunner 1*: Possessed Machinegun, Voidling Assassin step 3*: Storm Eddie, Burning Mom Canine, Wilderness Rider, Axis Bomber Boy, Axis Soldier, Undead Axis Gunner, Soulless Demon, Wonderful Young man, Wicker Golem, Undead Rescuer, Corrupt Droid, Devil Spawn Assassin 2*: Mother Canine, Undead Marauder, Had Mine, Light Voidling, Black Voidling, Imp, Chattering Skulls Assassin step 1*: Meathead

Drops out of Dear Souls. Accumulated as a consequence of Spirit fragments. Silver Idols might be ended up selling for lots of Gold if you’re Sacrificial Minds would be Forfeited for lots of Essence 5*: Eye-popping Gold Idol, Ultimate Sacrificial Cardio 3*: Great Gold Idol, Strong Sacrificial Cardio step one*: Gold Idol, Sacrificial Cardio

The second legit Lijiang brides Spirit Fragments arrive: – Eternity Soul fragment: 150 to-do, achieved courtesy PVP – Trooper Soul fragment: 2 hundred accomplish, gathered courtesy Trooper Products – Beloved Soul fragment: 50 to complete, gained due to Skull Quests – Guardian Soul fragment: 150 to complete, granted by the completing Missions

A note towards the Epic Heart: The latest epic soul will give you an excellent 4-5* character that can be found thanks to Unusual Souls and Uncommon Gunner/Assassin Souls. Apparently the opportunity of a great 5* character concerns thirteen% (

There is the latest Mythical Spirit, and that is bought to own 800 Boundary Coins regarding Store. New Mythical Heart offers a good 5* character out of every groups, conserve to possess Grim Reaper Eddie, Brand new Alchemist, and Trooper and you may Eternal Soul letters.

Heart Fragments: These are short servings out of a specific reward. Drops a fantastic Pharaoh Puppy (4* Gunner) – Dark-red Heart fragment: 150 to accomplish, granted because of the doing Missions. Falls a dark red Pharaoh Canine (4* Warrior) – Epic Spirit fragment: 100 to do, granted by Satellite fifteen and you can completing Objectives and you may Head Quests – Uncommon Soul fragment: twenty-five to do, granted because of the Satellite 15 and you can doing Objectives and you will Head Quests – Uncommon Gun/Assassin Heart fragment: 50 to accomplish, offered because of the Satellite fifteen and you can doing Missions and Head Quests – Warrior/Sentinel/Magus fragment: forty to complete, provided because of the Satellite fifteen and you may doing Objectives and Skull Quests – Alchemist Soul: 150 accomplish, supplied by getting Give up Vortexes ( fragments for every single Vortex). Drops step 1 Brand new Alchemist (5* Magus)