Ganadería con futuro

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This category along with had two subcategories: (1) Concern about growing problems, and you may (2) Concern about diseases as opposed to a supporter

In reality, by is a parent, women may have anyone to love and become loved by into the old-age and you will, given that best way in order to become a moms and dad during the Iran try to find partnered, the players wished to marry

“… I always say give thanks to Goodness that i are suit today, but what do i need to manage if i come down having good problem down the road? …” (58 years of age).

“The only one which manages me personally was my personal mom, of course, if eventually she passes away, who will take care of me personally whenever i get smaller which have a condition” (37 yrs old).


An important conclusions of present qualitative investigation was in fact one never-hitched feminine old thirty-five age and you can elderly claimed sort of means and concerns. Particularly, responses yielded three key templates: mental-spiritual run out of, change of society and you can society, and you may disability-associated loneliness (every one of that was composed of classes and you will subcategories). The outcome of establish studies include rather to the current literary works in this participants’ views secured a standard form of ignored psychological, psychological, sexual, and you will social need and you can concerns. All of the solutions also provides an illustrative portrait out-of just how their needs and you can inquiries related to culture and of its notice to own society together with some one within it to gain access to them differently. Results are now chatted about in detail.

Players inside data wished to marry to possess an excellent lover, to be a moms and dad, to love and start to become cherished. Contained in this respect, today’s conclusions try consistent with the abilities claimed from the Greitemeyer (2009); this research indicated that single anyone feel alone and need business within social lifestyle . Clear (2007) in addition to discovered that single women was in fact stressed and concerned about getting by yourself, as well as their best question wasn’t which have any pupils . The household is the most essential supply of assistance and you may closeness certainly one of anybody , but over time, individuals dump its parents and be lonelier, so they want someone who enjoys all of them. At the same time, the requirement to become a moms and dad is apparently inherent inside all women .

Investigation players including worried that they carry out continue to be single to your remainder of the lifetime and create feel a burden on their family members within their later years. At the same time, they certainly were afraid to get in into the an inappropriate marriages and you can and therefore in order to experience the harm. So it in search of was similar to the investigation by the Kajbaf (2008); within this data, never-partnered women cited certainly their inquiries since perhaps not searching for good suitable partner throughout the years and consequently acknowledging marriage for the wrong person . Within the Iran, female constantly accept their loved ones up until relationship. So it development is even utilized in most other East societies like Indonesia and Malaysia . When parents perish, ladies are sometimes forced to live with its sisters, as well as whether they have a full time income, they feel he is a weight. Getting a burden to the anyone else explanations an impression from worry about-hating, insignificance, a diminished feeling of that belong, and you may separation . Qaderzadeh (2017) indicated that never-partnered Puerto Ricalainen naishenkilöitä ladies in old-fashioned societies was less likely to live on their own and, as they age, they feel they are an encumbrance towards family .

Mental rumination followed closely by like attitude once the emotional low self-esteem, despair, shame, and regret out of seeing the newest lifestyle regarding married people was seem to noticed in the brand new participants’ answers. Having mental shelter is just one of the earliest human requires one, when the satisfied, can give a person reassurance . The outcome out of ) data indicated that partnered women considered a great deal more psychologically secure than just single female . The reason for the mental shelter is actually most likely as they believed cherished, and that they had someone to assistance all of them to make essential ), married people obtained most useful with the psychological state than single men and women .