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Inside the Proverbs , i discover, “The guy just who finds out a partner finds out the best thing and you may gets choose regarding the LORD” (ESV)

Whenever we read through this proverb toward idea that it is a guarantee away from Goodness, then we would assume that each relationships is great and lasting.

We could possibly along with think that folks who are partnered be a little more blessed otherwise positive in order to Goodness compared to those who’re single.

The brand new Amplified Bible will bring further perspective towards first element of this verse: “The guy who finds an effective [genuine and faithful] partner finds a very important thing and gets prefer and you can recognition of the lord.”

The fresh clarifying terminology “true and you can dedicated” contrasts for the of numerous warnings during the Proverbs concerning the contentious or quarrelsome partner and an ethically deficient partner (Proverbs ; ; Proverbs ; 12:4; 14:1).

A partner which have ethical energy and profile is a good material locate. And therefore, we come across brand new model partner (and you will lady) within the Proverbs 30, who’s compassionate, dedicated, and you can good during the faith.

A person who finds an excellent Christ-enjoying wife discovers what is actually an effective, that’s a gift from the Lord. Including a man cannot earn salvation, merit, or like due to the fact he marries a good virtuous wife. Rather, his spouse was a treasure, well worth more than rubies (Proverbs ).

The web Bible interpretation conveys which inside Proverbs : “The one who finds a partner finds what exactly is enjoyable, and you can obtains a happy present regarding the LORD.”


About Latin Vulgate and you may Septuagint translations from the verse, there is certainly an extra region that contrasts a good partner which have an adulterous wife.

About Brenton Septuagint Translation, the added part of the verse reads, “The guy you to definitely Eurooppalainen naiset kaunis puts out a beneficial spouse, sets away a very important thing, in which he that provides an enthusiastic adulteress try stupid and ungodly” (Proverbs ).

We have to just remember that , most systems of one’s Bible create maybe not keep which introduction because it is perhaps not utilized in Hebrew manuscripts.

A devoted Religious spouse do discover regarding remainder of Scripture one to divorcing his spouse try denounced. God told me that merely cause for separation was adultery (Matthew 5:31-32).

Could there be Way more to this Verse?

Proverbs is true as the a person who finds out an excellent partner finds what is actually a good and receives a present out-of God. Difficulties exist, even if, when we make an effort to pertain that it proverb every single situation. Basic, not every Christ-adopting the partner could be treasured of the their particular partner.

Lots of women find themselves in disappointed marriages. When a woman’s spouse cannot come across their unique really worth, she can receive comfort from the specifics your Lord enjoys and beliefs their own more than anyone else.

Likewise, Proverbs does not apply at all ple, Ahab partnered Jezebel, in which he didn’t found what exactly is a great. He was currently a wicked king, however, Jezebel advised your to do way more evil (1 Leaders ).

Once i in the above list, the brand new proverb fundamentally applies when one finds a wife you to try virtuous, particularly a beneficial lover of Christ. Proverbs would not affect a beneficial Christian people who marries an effective non-thinking lady.

In addition, discover constraints into the verse. One (or lady, even) who never marries due to facts in life and you may chooses to are still single so you can suffice Christ isn’t lacking blessings otherwise choose (step 1 Corinthians seven:38).

The fresh Apostle Paul demonstrates to you one married people often sense dilemmas you to men and women doesn’t (step 1 Corinthians seven:28). People who find themselves hitched commonly struggle with offering undivided commitment in order to god (step 1 Corinthians seven:32-35).

Both marriage and you can singleness have their adversity, however, one to county isn’t much better than another. We need to perhaps not abuse verses eg Proverbs to make those who try solitary be unfulfilled otherwise below entire. During the Christ, the audience is over (Colossians 2:10).